Our Approach to Sustainability

We at DINA are committed to making a change in the luxury fashion industry. By putting our focus on choices that are both good for our planet and for our people we believe that we can contribute to a more sustainable world. To ensure that we stick to our values we have introduced three pillars of sustainability that we live by:

Leading the Change

A big dream of ours is to see the whole fashion industry being sustainable, ethical, and fair. In the meanwhile, our goal is to inspire others to join the movement for change. With DINA we want to inspire and show that fashion can be luxurious, trendy, and of high quality without compromising on sustainability. We believe that educating ourselves on environmental and societal topics is of the highest importance if we want to be leaders of change. This is why we are continuously researching, learning, and improving our processes in order to work towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

Fair & Equal

Working along sustainable principles consists of much more than using Eco-friendly materials. We at DINA are also committed to providing honest and equal working conditions to the people that help to create our collections. It is of big importance to us to work with manufacturers that pay fair wages and offer safe and friendly working conditions. Needless to say, we are strictly against child labor and have zero tolerance against partners that abuse our trust in them.

We are also proud to share with you that DINA is supporting various local charity initiatives. Currently, we are donating $4 of each sale to authorized Gov. entities who is supporting children’s education and food around the world.

Circular & Climate Positive

We strongly believe that conscious shopping is an important step towards sustainable fashion. Buying limited Items rather focusing on timeless and qualitative pieces that stay with you for many years to come is how we can truly make a positive change for our climate. Each of our garments is carefully designed and produced so that you can wear and love it for a lifetime.In our capsule collections, we offer you beautiful designs that can be put together in different ways and includes everything you would need to wear.