DINA The Brand

Our vision is to provide luxury for you and for our planet. We are passionate about design, premium natural materials, and elegance without forgetting that everything we do also has an impact on the world we are living in. DINA stands for ‘fair’ in ancient languages and this is also what we embody.
We want you to feel good in your clothes and believe that simple, yet chic garments will give you the comfort and glam you need to feel the best version of yourself. DINA celebrates self-love in all shapes and sizes and aspires to highlight the different female personalities with a sure sense of style.
Being authentic, we see it as one of our responsibilities to work towards a more sustainable fashion industry.  Our customers and their experience are our highest priority, so is our planet.
Earth Looks Good on You
We deeply care about our earth and this passion is also reflected in our designs. Sustainability is at our core which is why each of our garments is of premium quality, yet Eco-friendly and biodegradable. DINA is a contemporary high-quality brand that is conscious of the world and conscious of its people. While many believe that sustainable fashion is a trend, we know that it is the future.
For us, sustainability does not just stop with producing items that have little impact on our environment. Sustainability to us means investing in timeless pieces of high quality that last for many years to come. Sustainability also means giving back to others and helping those who need our support. Sustainability is the new luxury and with DINA we want to be part of the future of fashion.
For more information on how DINA is giving back to others, we invite you to check out our sustainability page.

About the Founder

My vision is to change the stigma around sustainable fashion which is also one of the reasons why I have created DINA. With this brand, I want to show how easy it is to combine luxury fashion with sustainability.
My journey within the fashion industry started in 2010when I started a multi-designer boutique in Dubai 'Glamour911'. Although I have always loved seeing new trends and collections, I felt there was too little focus on the ecological and societal impacts that fashion has on our world.Therefore, I want my brand to contribute to the change. Working with environmental-friendly materials and using ethical production processes is how we create real luxurious fashion that feels good for us and for the world.
I believe that by giving back we can truly make a difference.Seeing good others is my passion, and I dream that DINA will empower you as well.
Founder of DINA